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Artificial Satellite

Spinning, flying and glittering silver disks define this Artificial Satellite. A favorite for generations.

Bottle Sparklers, 4 pack (Gold or Silver)

Bottle sparklers, also known as champagne sparklers or ice fountains, are great for parties, clubs and more! Each piece lasts 40-45 seconds. Bottle clips available for an additional $2.00

Celebration Confetti Cannons

Confetti cannons are an exciting way to announce the gender of your new baby! Gender Reveal 12-inch confetti cannons have a mix of metallic mylar and paper confetti, and launches about 10 feet into the air. Plus, these confetti cannons have a generic design so you can’t see the color until you’re ready for the […]

Confetti Canon

Shoots out confetti of different colours, powder free and safe for kids


This rapid action finale item will add a real WOW to your display. With 205 Shots of Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Silver ending in a crescendo of crackles. A must buy item for the serious Pyro Party!!

Festival Balls

6 shells. Load 1 at a time. Medium height, multicolored effects. (click on image to see a demo video!)

Fire Island

6 shots

Flashing Thunder Rocket (4 pack)

These rockets have loads of Crackle and Bang