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20" Sparkler, 8 pieces

These sparklers are perfect for weddings and other celebrations! Each sparkler features wire-core construction, an easy-light tip, burns almost smokeless with a gold color for about two minutes, and is 20 inches long

36" Sparklers, 4 pieces

36″ gold, wire sparklers are the longest sparklers available! These extra large sparklers burn for well over 3 minutes with a near-smokeless gold sparkle.

Bottle Sparklers, 4 pack (Gold or Silver)

Bottle sparklers, also known as champagne sparklers or ice fountains, are great for parties, clubs and more! Each piece lasts 40-45 seconds. Bottle clips available for an additional $2.00

Heart Sparklers

These Heart-shaped, wire sparklers burn almost smokeless, bright gold, and have easy light tips (located in the center of the heart). They are perfect for using at weddings and receptions! When lit, these sparklers burn down on both sides of the heart, creating double the sparkle of a regular sparkler! 10″ total in length, 3.5″ […]

Sparklers 10"

Classic gold sparklers. 8 per pack