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20" Morning Glory

Morning Glories are like sparklers on a wooden stick, but they change color as they burn for an exciting torch display. 6 per pack

7" Sparklers

Classic – small sparklers. 10 per pack

Artificial Satellite

Spinning, flying and glittering silver disks define this Artificial Satellite. A favorite for generations.

Bottle Sparklers, 4 pack (Gold or Silver)

Bottle sparklers, also known as champagne sparklers or ice fountains, are great for parties, clubs and more! Each piece lasts 40-45 seconds. Bottle clips available for an additional $2.00

Celebration Confetti Cannons

Confetti cannons are an exciting way to announce the gender of your new baby! Gender Reveal 12-inch confetti cannons have a mix of metallic mylar and paper confetti, and launches about 10 feet into the air. Plus, these confetti cannons have a generic design so you can’t see the color until you’re ready for the […]

Confetti Canon

Shoots out confetti of different colours, powder free and safe for kids

Green Smoke Tube

These pull ring smoke tubes (wire pull) are easy to operate and produce 90 seconds of dense and vibrant colour smoke. Small in size is convenient to carry – Approx 5″ tall and 1.5″ wide. Perfect for photo shoots, weddings, birthday parties and other colourful events

Lightning Flash Strobe

Break out the welding goggles for this one! Amazing, pulsating strobes of stunning white lightning emanate from this popular item that leaves you in awe.